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BBC Productions:

2016 – Musical Maddie: Audio Factory for BBC CBeebies Radio (Radio)

Audio Factory’s third commission for BBC CBeebies Radio has an objective to encourage children and their families to take part in music and movement based activities. Music and movement classes are growing in popularity in the UK with young children seeing benefits beyond exercise with activities aiding development in the likes of speech, language, co-ordination and gross motor skills. In Musical Maddie we take the classes on tour so Maddie and friends can find inspiration for these activities in the world around them. As with our previous series, this is an original series concept of my own that was created in response to a commissioning brief that was distributed to national production companies. The production began in September 2015 and was concluded in January 2016. A release date is to be scheduled for later this year.

2015 – Eddie Green And Friends: Audio Factory for BBC CBeebies Radio

Lead writer, director and producer for this ten episode eco-friendly education series that was commissioned by BBC based on a concept that I devised on spec. The first five episodes of Eddie Green and Friends were made available on CBeebies Radio from June 2015 with the final five uploaded in February 2016.

2014 – Poppy’s Play Dates: Audio Factory for BBC CBeebies Radio 

Developing the premise for Poppy’s Play Dates in response to a BBC commissioning brief, this series was commissioned in 2013 and debuted on BBC’s CBeebies Radio in 2014. In addition to being credited as the series creator, I also wrote, produced and directed all ten episodes of this children’s radio series, which enabled young listeners to eavesdrop on the lives of other children by joining Poppy on play dates with her friends and their families.

Selected Highlights:

Ongoing – Audiobook Director/Producer: Audio Factory for Various (Audio)

Directed and produced over thirty audiobook titles for Audio Factory clients in the UK and North America including Brilliance Audio, Blackstone Audio, Tantor Media and Bookouture. Commissioned personally to direct Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017) and actor Michael Kitchen (Foyle’s War) in the audiobook version of Michael Crichton’s The Great Train Robbery (2015) in addition to titles written by New York Times bestselling authors Mary Jo Putney and Gaelen Foley.

Ongoing – Course Creator/Teacher for Filmmaking – Millfield Enterprises (Education)

Contracted over the six week duration of Millfield Enterprises’ English Language summer courses, I created an entry level course structure and delivered it over four lessons to international students that had registered an interest in filmmaking.

Working in collaboration with filmmaker Kevin Redpath, we delivered the syllabus over ten teaching hours. Our objective was to provide students with a hands on overview of the fundamental aspects of filmmaking that encouraged them to develop practical skills. Working with a new set of students each week, they were split into small groups and given a subject that was open to interpretation before writing, shooting and editing short film content and presenting it to students and staff at the end of the week.

2014 – Just Go For It: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association (Film)

Working with filmmaker James Barber, I produced and developed the narrative structure for this film which outlined the benefits of Knightstone residents working with the organisation to improve services.

2014 – #sleepsafe: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association/Halo Media (Film)

This film provides a behind the scenes look at an event ran by Knightstone Housing Association and Halo Media that aimed to raise awareness of youth homelessness in South Somerset and promote their host family scheme. I held producer and narrative structuring roles.

2014 – Social Value Offer Film: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association (Film)

In addition to structuring the narrative and producing this film for the client’s Social Value Offer scheme, James Barber and I created and held a three day filmmaking workshop in which I taught participants about scriptwriting and narrative structure. 

2014 – The Doorstep Standard: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association (Film)

Commissioned to write the script and produce this training film for Knightstone Housing Association, I corresponded with the film’s director, James Barber, and our client to book locations and participants in the film.

2013 – The Awkward Conversations We Have: Independent Production (Film/Web Series)

Developing the premise for this series of short films, I wrote and produced all five comedy/drama titles and worked with filmmaker James Barber to deliver them for an online release. The final film in the series, ‘Necrophilia,’ was nominated in the Best Of The South West category at Plymouth Film Festival 2015.

2013 – 2014 – Glastonbury Festival Official Press Team (Print/Online)

Worked with the official press team at Glastonbury Festival in 2013 and 2014, assisting with the day to day running of the media tent and writing copy for the onsite Glastonbury Free Press newspaper and website for one of the biggest festivals in the world. Sample here under pen name Arran Dutta.

2012 – The House On Highbury Hill: Audio Factory (Audio)

After author Piers Paul Read permitted Audio Factory to produce a new version of this radio drama, I was the lead producer for this project and also worked alongside first time director Dr Robert Prince as assistant director. This series was released indepdently via Audio Factory’s podcast feed. 

2011 to 2014 – The Basis (Print)

In April 2014, I donated an entertainment based community magazine that I previously co-owned to a community and arts centre in Glastonbury. ‘The Basis’ is distributed to 6500 homes in the Street and Glastonbury area of Somerset and this donation was made on the grounds that a variation of internships would be offered to local people. These will include copywriting, journalism, graphic design, business management, new media and web design.

In my time as manager and editor of ‘The Basis’ I presented over 60 local people with opportunities to write for the magazine, allowing them to build their portfolio and hone their craft. Contributors have gone on to write for NME, Central Somerset Gazette and Bristol City match day programmes et al. I also developed exciting commercial links with gig venues including O2 Academy Bristol and recruited renowned advertising clients including Burger King, Frankie & Benny’s, Clarks Village, Millfield School, JD Wetherspoon and the Glastonbury Festivals Organisation.

2011 – Unholy Behaviour: Audio Factory (Audio)

Co-producing alongside Dave Perry, the Unholy Behaviour series was released as free podcast. A long running Twitter campaign saw the character based profile reach thousands of follwers and subsequent downloads. I wrote and directed Unholy Behaviour is a comedy/drama that follows the story of Jesus and Moses when God sends them back to modern day Earth.

In Production:

Single, Struggling, Self-Employed Sam – Web Series

Working alongside James Barber of Barbster360, we have produced a pilot episode of this comedy drama series about whether you can pursue true happiness under the pressure of being a self-employed creative. A series proposal for pitching purposes is currently in development. The pilot can be viewed here.

Eco Friendly Aliens – Ebook/Audiobook

I’m currently writing a selection of stories for children aged 8-12, which will revolve around the Eco Friendly Aliens who overcame global warming on their planet, Zalpha, and were then given a mission to educate children on Earth about ways to help combat the problem and generally to be more eco-friendly in everyday life. The Ebook will be self-published with the audiobook version being produced by Audio Factory.

Additional Media Production Experience:

Ongoing – The Fix (Web Copy)

In 2013 I created online entertainment magazine The Fix, which covers the Bristol and Somerset areas in the South West of England. Having established strong relationships with the region’s notable entertainment venues, including O2 Academy Bristol, The Tobacco Factory Theatre and Watershed, the website has a core team of regular contributors that are entrusted to preview, interview and review content in this catchment area. I also present and produce audio podcasts for the site.

2014 – Apprenticeship Film: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association (Film)

Armed with the task of creating a film that showcased Knightstone’s apprenticeship scheme that told the stories of six apprentices, I worked alongside director James Barber in a producer role to liaise with the client and participants in addition to consulting on structural aspects of the film to ensure its success when aiming to appeal to the target audience.

2014 – Into Work Scheme Film: Barbster360 for Knightstone Housing Association (Film)

Asked to make a film with a Knightstone resident that had personally benefitted from their Into Work scheme that aims to help their tenants back to employment, I structured the narrative and produced this film working alongside filmmaker James Barber.

2012 – Sheepsbere Bay: Audio Factory (Audio)

Worked closely as a script editor and assistant director with writer/director John Stephens for this production, which he commissioned Audio Factory to produce. 

2012 – The Visitor: Audio Factory (Audio)

Audio Factory released this audio short as a free download. I wrote and directed this one scene play that follows a conversation between an adult entertainment film producer and an alien that has come to Earth looking for acting opportunities in that industry.

2011 – Live At Orchard: Audio Factory (Radio)

I devised the premise for Live At Orchard, a live music programme for Orchard Recording Studios near Glastonbury, for a singular production for Glastonbury FM. I wrote the presenter’s script and prepared questions for the programme was aired on the community radio station between October and December 2011 on ten occasions as part of a promotional agreement between the two parties.

2008-2010 – Bleacher Report (Web Copy)

Signing up to write about Premier League football for the American Sports Website, I developed my writing skills and won many fans as I combined knowledge with a passionate style. I eventually became a syndicated writer and my articles appeared on the sports pages for CBS News and Yahoo. I wrote a total of 15 articles which accumulated over 12,000 hits.

2007 – The Fanbanta Football Show: ZigZag Productions (Television)

Worked as a runner on first and only series of late night channel four football programme as part of a work experience placement with ZigZag Productions.

2007 – Dawn Porter Goes Lesbian: ZigZag Productions (Television)

During the same placement I also spent time taking on research assignments and reporting findings back to production team for BBC Three documentary.


BA Hons Media Communications and Marketing Management – The University of Gloucestershire (2004-2008)

I sometimes do that whole social media thing too...