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February 1, 2014

Poppy’s Play Dates – Now Available On CBeebies Radio!


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Poppy’s Play Dates, the series I created for BBC CBeebies Radio, is now available online! Having co-wrote and produced the series with Dave Perry and Stuart Packer from Street, it was an honour to work with producer John Leagas at CBeebies and everyone involved is delighted with the ten episode series. Having been born and bred in Glastonbury it’s also heartwarming to have made it a real local affair as the character of Poppy, played by eight-year-old local school girl Ruby, is joined by other children and their families from the area for play date activities at the seaside, Yeovil Town Football Club, Glastonbury carnival and many more.

Having been commissioned to produce the series in October 2013, the team at my company Audio Factory spent the following ten weeks producing the series. After impressing producers during auditions held in November, Ruby was cast in the lead role of Poppy and her wonderful talent shines through in every episode. Ruby is confident, bright and great fun to work with. She picked up the difficulties of the recording process very quickly and by the end of it she was bossing us around and telling us off for not working quickly enough!

The release of Poppy’s Play Dates rounds off a wonderful twelve months for Audio Factory; we have built a strong reputation for producing a range of non-music based audio for clients in both the UK and United States. This includes being commissioned by New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney to produce the audio book version of her novel The Bargain for Audible. However, producing radio content has always been the long-term objective for the Audio Factory team and we are extremely grateful to BBC for this opportunity. This was an exciting project for the central Somerset area and we were delighted to produce a programme for BBC right on our doorstep. Poppy’s Play Dates shows there is wonderful talent in our area and the enthusiasm shown by the local community during its production was overwhelming.

On behalf of Audio Factory I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants involved in the ten episodes of Poppy’s Play Dates for their contribution to the series. In addition to this, we are indebted to Glastonbury’s Red Brick Building, Millfield Enterprises, Strode College, Yeovil Town Football Club, St. John’s Primary School, Mid Somerset Series, Glastonbury FM, Swanage Railway, Sheila Martin and fellow producers Paul Lund and Katy Gundry for helping to bring the series to life. Eternally grateful.

The Poppy’s Play Dates series is currently available to stream at on BBC’s CBeebies Radio right here.

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