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Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 19.14.25The dreaded introduction. How do you make a good first impression? If you go for something light-hearted people will think you don’t take your career seriously, if you lean too closely to the professional approach then some may say you lack character and personality and if you eulogise your abilities you’ll probably be accused of being arrogant. Sod it, I’m going to try a bit of all of that…

At heart I’m a writer, but as it happens I’ve taken up a number of producer type roles in my time, which ultimately means I’ve project managed a fair bit too. As a result, I often give myself the title of media project manager because I’d hate to define myself as being a specialist in one particular medium – I’ve got experience overseeing productions for audio, video and print and that has covered children’s programming, adult comedy, romantic fiction, community based copy and corporate films. I like to think I have a sensible head with an open and creative mind on my shoulders. When added to the skills I’ve developed and experience gained, I feel confident when tackling any creative project.

I co-founded my production company, Audio Factory, with my good friend Dave Perry and we are proud to have produced three series for BBC CBeebies Radio, titled Poppy’s Play Dates, Eddie Green and his Friends and Musical Maddie, all of which are original concepts I devised, wrote and directed. I’m also an experienced audiobook director and producer through Audio Factory and have led commissions for New York Times bestsellers Mary Jo Putney and Gaelen Foley. I was also honoured to be personally selected to work on Michael Crichton’s ‘The Great Train Robbery,’ which was narrated by Michael Kitchen. We have produced over thirty audiobook titles including several for the likes of Brilliance Audio and Blackstone Audio in the US and worked on projects with creative agencies including the internationally renowned BD Network.

As a freelance producer I have overseen corporate video productions for Perry’s Recycling and Knightstone Housing Association. I worked alongside filmmaker James Barber on these and we have also produced five short fiction based films and I was the scriptwriter – one of these films was selected in the Best of the South West category at Plymouth Film Festival 2015, which remains one of my career highlights. In my time I have also owned a magazine and founded an arts and culture website and thus have features writing experience, worked as an editor and managed to sell a few advertisements. In previous lives I mastered farming, invented the dice and contributed to the rise of the Roman Empire, but apparently that can’t be listed on my CV because it came before my current 31 year stint on this planet. Fortunately I live in the very spiritualistic Glastonbury, so those past experiences have got me some work…

I am happy to discuss any project so please feel free to contact me by emailing

I sometimes do that whole social media thing too...


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