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I thoroughly enjoy the challenges posed by scriptwriting and the excitement it brings to my life. I love writing for all mediums but particularly working on scripts for visual content, so with all the sincerity in my heart I hope you enjoy or at least appreciate my craft when it comes to the short films on show here. But, first up on the page are the corporate videos that I have been commissioned to write and produce. I’d be delighted if you come away and feel there’s quality in the combined work of myself and the talented filmmaker James Barber who directed all seven videos on this page.

Just Go For It:
Commissioned by Knightstone Housing Association, James and I were given the brief of making a film about the organisation’s resident involvement scheme, which held the duel purpose to show social housing residents the benefits of working with the company and external parties how this scheme can empower residents and help to improve the overall service on offer.

After researching about Knightstone and interviewing residents and employees on all levels, I developed a narrative structure for this piece that I believed would allow the organisation to achieve their objective and oversaw its production in addition to interviewing residents as they featured in the film.

Charity Paper Banks – Supporting Local Needs:
South West based Perrys Recycling approached my company Audio Factory to produce this film which we commissioned James Barber to direct. I liaised with the client to produce a narrative structure that would include interviews with employees for a film that would be accompanied by the voiceover that I scripted. I then worked with James to oversee the production of this film and directed the voice artist.

#Sleepsafe Campaign Film:
This film provides a behind the scenes look at an event ran by Knightstone Housing Association and Halo Media that aimed to raise awareness of youth homelessness in South Somerset and promote their host family scheme. I held producer and narrative structure consultancy roles.

Social Value At Knightstone Housing:
In addition to structuring the narrative and producing this film for the client about Knightstone’s Social Value Offer scheme, James Barber and I created and held a three day filmmaking workshop in which I taught participants about scriptwriting and narrative structure.

Knightstone’s Doorstep Standards:
After being commissioned to write the script and produce this training film for Knightstone Housing Association, I corresponded with the film’s director, James Barber, and our client to book locations and participants in the film.

Knightstone Housing Association’s Apprentices:
Armed with the task of creating a film that showcased Knightstone’s apprenticeship scheme that told the stories of six apprentices, I worked alongside director James Barber in a producer role to liaise with the client and participants in addition to consulting on structural aspects of the film to ensure its success when aiming to appeal to the target audience.

Son, We’re Swingers:

In the first of five comedy drama films released in The Awkward Conversations We Have series, Dave’s life is changed forever when his parents explain to him that they have been leading a life of swinging.


Stuart Packer, Angela Bell, Ethan Chapman and Gary McKinven.


25th October 2013


Forty-somethings Geoff and Derek are best friends who share a flat together. They’re also Necrophiliacs and their relationship is on the brink when Derek ventures into a field and finds that Geoff has dug up a corpse that belongs to him. And they’re not just holding hands…


Stuart Packer and Ben Ellis.


11th November 2013

The Stalker:

When Kate realises that her long-term stalker has followed her into a café, she decides to approach him in order to find out why he’s doing it. However, during what is their first conversation, Kate falls for Robert, but he soon realises he can’t stand to be in her company.


Louise Ennever, Robert Prince, Sophie Goddard-Jones and Hollie Hayton


12th October 2013

The Heirloom:

When Danny is at the house of his new girlfriend Claire, he accidentally breaks a cherished family heirloom when he is left alone in a room with her ten-year-old brother, Ben. Having developed strong feelings for Claire, he doesn’t want this accident to cause the relationship to end, so he panics, and having acquired the knowledge that Ben has been seeing a therapist due to a compulsion to damage other people’s property, Danny decides to blame him. Ben feels the wrath of his parents and is told he will be shipped off to boarding school.

Three days later and Claire’s family are on tenterhooks as they await positive news on the search for Ben, who ran away from home after the incident and is since feared to have been abducted by a sex offender. Danny decides that he has to come clean and visits Claire and her family to tell them the truth behind the broken heirloom.


Theo Fraser, Ben Appleyard, Katy Gundry, Robert Prince, Angela Bell, Elaine Hayne, Stephen Perry, Jennifer Munby, Gary McKinven, Ethan Chapman and Louise Ennever.


1st November 2013


When Matty lent Sarah his limited edition Watchmen DVD he never anticipated that she’d die in a car crash before she had a chance to give it back. He decides that he can’t be without it and when he realises the now out of production DVD costs a fortune on EBay, he pays her parents a visit to ask for it back, even though it has only been a week since she was buried.


Gary McKinven, Angela Bell and Jon Coyne

Expected Release:

November 2013

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